FEATURE: Sharon Lawson

Sharon Lawson

Sharon Lawson joined NBC 6 in August 2003 as a general assignment reporter. She is now the anchor of the weekend morning newscasts. Sharon had already earned nearly a decade of experiencecovering everything from natural disasters and presidential elections to interviewing Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet.

Sharon got her start as a photojournalist in Sarasota, FL, eventually moving to Minneapolis, Minn., as a reporter and anchor. She fondly recalls some ofher career high points — meeting the legendary heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali and Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Lawson first showed an interest in becoming a broadcast journalist at the wee age of five. Her mother remembers Sharon watching the news and saying, “This is Sharon Lawson with the 6 o’clock news.”

Born to Jamaican parents in Toronto, Canada, Sharon and her family moved to Florida in the mid-80s. She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

Sharon spends her free time outdoors, running and biking. However, what she enjoys most is her role as a mentor to young people.



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