FEATURE: Egypt Sherrod

Egypt Sherrod

Egypt Sherrod has won over countless listners with her dynamic delivery and magnetic mix and sass and class. But at the strong time, her faith and strong family values has made her one of the most grounded and approachable multi-media talents to come along in a while.

Egypt is the host of HGTV’s highly rated “Property Virgins”. As a real estate expert with a successful real estate referal business, she’s made appearances on CNBC, CNN and HLN. This award winning broadcast talent is also a 20 yeat radio veteran. Egypt has heard in over 60 cities natioionwide including top markets such as New York, Atlanta & Philadelphia where her goal is to entertain, empower and inspire.

Egypt is a committed philanthropist with a huge heart, ready to tackle serious issues in underserve communities and make a substantial difference in the lives of oters. Her namesake, the Egypt Cares Family Foundation,” was founded to aid in bridging the socio-economic gaps within the urban family structure on several different levels. Egypt’s foundation regularly hosts seminars and clinics to educate families on home ownership, financial planning, career advancement & health awareness.

Devoted mother of a toddler, loving wife, respected business entrepreneur and focused community advocate- Egypt is seamlessly using the power of television, and the microphone to help others, all the while living her own life to fullest.



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