Feature: LisaRaye McCoy

LisaRaye McCoy

The beautiful and charismatic actress and model, LisaRaye McCoy was born September 23, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois to a successful business man and accomplished model. She is the proud parent of beautiful 23 year old Kai, who has started her journey in her mothers footsteps as a model for Apple Bottoms. Her daughter is an inspiration for her love and community involvement with young women. LisaRaye launched her self-esteem driven teen pageant, Miss RayeDiant Jewels, the project is very close to her heart.

The former first lady of the Turks and Caicos Islands is not only an accomplished actress but an entrepreneur in her right. She is the creator of the fashion lines Luxe and Romance and most recently her increasingly popular line of women’s jeans, PZI, jeans for the curvy woman! Known for her trademark love for the color white LisaRaye is an exquisite vision whether giving motivational speeches for universities and corporations or making highly anticipated appearances on popular talk shows.

LisaRaye is best known for her role as Diamond in the movie “Players Club”, as well as her role as Neesee in the comedy series, “All of Us”. She has also had feature roles in a number of popular movies and television series. Her biggest accomplishment to date is her number one rated really show, “The Real McCoy”!



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