Feature: Maria Arcega-Dunn

Marcia Arcega


Maria often refers to her television news career as a journey around the world. It began in Calgary, Canada, where she grew up, to living and working in multiple cities, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Taipei and San Diego. Now she’s back in the Pacific Southwest, making her home at 10News in San Diego as a reporter and anchor.

She enjoys being a journalist, telling stories and making sure people have the latest and most important information. The fact that her profession can help draw attention to things that need to be changed is an important aspect of her job. Maria likes knowing that what she does can influence and help make a difference for others. As a journalist, she often gets a front row seat to history in the making and it’s good to know she can take all her viewers along for the ride.

Outside of work, Maria enjoys working with people in the community, and lending her time to organizations that help others is an important way for her to give back. When Maria has free time, she loves staying active, running, dancing, eating great food, painting and sculpting. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her son — who constantly amazes her.
Want to contact Maria? You can e-mail her at maria.arcega-dunn@10news.com

You can also follow her Twitter account @10NewsMaria by visiting https://twitter.com/10NewsMaria and connect with her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mariaarcegadunn10news.–>





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