Feature: Deb J Lee




Education: Deb Lee graduated with masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from Kent State in December 2011. Undergrad degree from West Liberty University in West Virginia.

Current Position/Job Duties: Multimedia Journalist.

Joined NewsChannel5: 1989

Awards/Honors: 2008 inductee to the Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Akron. Recipient of numerous awards, including National Headliner and Emmy.

Favorite Sports Team(s): Cleveland Cavaliers, Steubenville Big Red football team

Favorite Music: Motown, oldies.

Favorite Movie: The Temptations.

Favorite Foods: Mac and cheese.

Family: Daughter, mother, uncle and a bunch of cousins.

Something most people don’t know about me: I get really, really nervous talking in front of a live audience.

What I like best about Northeast Ohio: You can do anything here that you can do in New York. It’s less expensive and the traffic isn’t as bad.

On weekends I love to: Relax, spend time with family and close friends.





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