Show ‘Em Who’s Boss: Rihanna Wins TOPSHOP Lawsuit

Rihanna T-Shirt

After months of court appearances, rebuttals and appeals, British Retailer, TOPSHOP is left to bite the BadGal’s bullet.

Back in July of 2013 Rihanna sued TOPSHOP’s parent company, Arcadia, after outputting a sleeveless t-shit with her image printed on it. The image was taken by a free-lance photographer while she was one set for a video she was filming in Northern Ireland back in 2011.

Even though the image was not licensed to the celebrity, courts ruled in her favor and decided that it was unlawfully to use her image on their merchandise. Judge Mr Justice Birss ruled that a “substantial number” Rihanna fans and loyalist were more than likely deceived into buying the T-shirt because of a “false belief” it had been approved and licensed by the singer. Judges ruling in the case claimed that the retailer was, “an act of passing off,” insinuating intentional wrong doing.

Rihanna’s team also strategically argued the conflicting competition this t-shirt brought to her own clothing line, River Island, which launched the Spring before the lawsuit dropped. WELL PLAYED RIH -RIH.

Time and time again, Rihanna shows us that she is not one to play with.





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