Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit

Women of Power Summit 2

 Black Enterprise’s Women of Power Summit is quickly approaching, and of all the empowering events you’ve ever attended, you’ve never experienced anything like this one. Heavyweights like Carla Harris of Morgan Stanley, and Judy Smith, the real life “fixer” who inspired Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal, will be delivering addresses sure to leave you amped and more equipped to be your best self. In a BE Twitter chat with Lisa Nichols, another keynote speaker, one of our editors Courtney Connley asked what attendees could expect from her at the event. Nichols assured, “to hold back nothing. to play full out. if you come empty, i’ll come full. i’ll leave you on fire for 2015!!! #BEWPS2015.” And anyone who follows Lisa Nichols knows that she always delivers. In case you need a little extra convincing, however, check out these additional six reasons you just have to be at Women of Power Summit 2015.


Click here for registration link



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