ESPN Correspondent, Jemele Hill, Receives a Mixture of Backlash and Support Over Trump Tweets





Jemele Hill, sports journalist and ESPN correspondent, has been receiving tons of attention after a series of tweets she posted in regards to President Donald Trump, calling 45 a “white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists”.




The tweets were posted on September 11 during an online conversation about popular rock star, Kid Rock, who has teased about entering the political arena. Hill made a comparison between the rocker and Trump. She even gained the attention of White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee, calling the tweets “a fireable offense” (maybe, we should be looking at the landscape of the country when the White House calls for the firing of a private citizen…)

Either way, Jamele Hill has received responses from across the world, prompting her to release this carefully worded statement.

ESPN did its best to distance itself from Hill’s initial comments about Trump, citing they did not express the views of the network after the network’s been catching slack from conservatives regarding its political undertones. ESPN, however, has NOT released Hill from her duties and she was back on-air the next day at her usual 6pm slot.

Critics are criticizing the network for not firing her especially since former correspondents have been released for their attitudes and comments regarding the LGBT community. Meanwhile…

That’s right. It’s now Sarah Huckabee whose job has come into question. While Jamele Hill has been supported by a number of organizations, friends, and fans.

What do you think? Should Jamele be fired/reprimanded? Are her comments covered by the First Amendment?

Photo Provided by: Black America Web





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