Black Women are the Influencers Revolutionizing the Black Dollar Check Out THIS Nielson Report!

Ladies, if you’ve ever considered being an influencer, now is the time.

For those of you who don’t know, an influencer is someone who can have an effect on the way people make their decisions, and more importantly, what decision they make. And rumor has it, the Black woman is queen! According to the Nielson Report, by 2021 Black dollar will hold an unprecedented $1.5 trillion buying power.

Self-made and self-reliant, the number of businesses majority-owned by Black women grew 67% between 2007 and 2012, more than all women combined. The latest U.S. Census figures show African-American women have majority ownership in more than 1.5 million businesses with over $42 billion in sales.

The Nielson Report

And you’ll never guess why…


No really. The term and its meaning resonate so strongly with Black, female buyers that companies are starting to take notice as to how and why we buy. Black women are brand loyalists and stay two steps ahead of the trend whether it be beauty or business. Think of the last time you purchased a product. Did you look for a glitzy commercial or cleverly worded ad? No?

Of course not. You likely asked a friend, checked your Timeline or YouTube subscription, or tossed a tweet into the Black Twittersphere. And companies are putting their dollars on Y O U R influence. Because of the Black woman’s tendency to search for a greater fulfillment out of life, there is an expert authority that we have when it comes to the best stores, products, food, you name it!



Often times, Black women feel as though we don’t get our just due in society and its depictions of who we are. Seems our hard work is finally coming to fruition with us leading multiple industries. Hundreds of Black women have taken the steps to make responsible and informed purchasing decisions which makes sense that we are the go-to for good goods!

Want to Read the Official Nielson Report? See it Here:



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