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#WednesdayWisdom with Our Founder, Judith Jacques



So here I am 23, recent cancer survivor, trying to get back into the ropes of things. I was involved in numerous things at the time such as school, my home church’s choir and band, and a non profit I co-founded. However, I still felt this void. And just like that, in the blink of an God gave me BLACK STREET.
Judith Jacques
My vision was much smaller than what it has grown into today, but I was willing. I allowed my vision to manifest. Consistently allowing myself to think of new ideas and avenues of how I could make this platform more effective.
I shared my ideas with others, and that’s what you have to be weary of. Share only with “creators” and “birthers”. People who have the ability to see further than what meets the eye. Who too have the ability to manifest an idea and thought. I had those who pushed and believed in me. But I also had those who couldn’t see past the words that left my mouth. So they spoke only of what they believed to be true. It was limited. Faithless. Uninspired. And although I pushed past it, subconsciously I allowed their negative and limited thoughts to creep into my space.
Protect your genius. Manifest your ideas. Ask no one for permission. Learn from failures and mistakes. And although no one has ever done it before…. be the FIRST!

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