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What Gabrielle Union’s Fertility Struggles Teaches Us About Empathy


Recently, Gabrielle Union revealed via Bossip that she has had “8 or 9 miscarriages”. Promoting her new book “We’re Going to Need More Wine” Union opens up about her struggles with infertility and multiple IVF cycles.

gabby u

Union joins a list of female entertainers and celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigan, and Remy Ma who have all come out regarding their battles to get pregnant naturally, Remy even announcing plans to start a fund for women who struggle with the cost of health coverage for IVF. We watched in awe this year as Janet Jackson conceived and carried a child, holding our breath the entire step of the way. Now, we are seeing the veil between celebrity and sisterhood fall away as many of our Hollywood sisters are coming out about private struggles.

If one has never suffered a miscarriage, you can only imagine the pain and invalidity you may feel as a woman. Millions of women suffer from fertility struggles, some even giving their lives in pursuit (God Rest Your Soul, Sasha). Gabrielle Union is one of many, many women dealing with this struggle. In an age where technology divides us, it was beautiful to see the human side of someone most of Black America holds in high regards. Her testimony was a comfort to women across the world; an act of solitude. Her courage has opened the door to a very necessary conversation. Even her character, Mary Jane Paul, uncannily mirrors her life and the messiness of men, money, and personal success. She is a beacon of hope to any woman who has ever felt alone in her battle. Her status does not separate her from the trials of everyday women. The truth is, we ARE every woman. We are career women, mothers, wives, and mavens and perfection is expected. Truth is, we weren’t designed to be. We are designed to be human. And that common thread is what unites us and allows us to be there for our sisters when they need us.



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