Feature: Paula Tutman

Emmy winning broadcast journalist, Paula Tutman came to Local 4 in 1992 at the tender age of 16 (not true, but she feels good saying it).  She's a Peace Corps brat who spent her early childhood living in Sierra Leone, West Africa and Tanzania, East Africa, hence her odd pronunciation of the word, "again" as "a-gayne." She… Continue reading Feature: Paula Tutman


Feature: Shawn Yancy

  I've known since third grade that I wanted to be a broadcast journalist. I'm blessed to be living out my dream right here in the nation’s capital. People often ask me what I like most about working here. My answer: "It's the incredible people I meet and the incredible stories they allow us to… Continue reading Feature: Shawn Yancy


FEATURE: Sharon Lawson

Sharon Lawson joined NBC 6 in August 2003 as a general assignment reporter. She is now the anchor of the weekend morning newscasts. Sharon had already earned nearly a decade of experiencecovering everything from natural disasters and presidential elections to interviewing Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet. Sharon got her start as a photojournalist in… Continue reading FEATURE: Sharon Lawson