Feature: Brittne Babe



Who is Brittne?
Brittne Babe is a natural athlete, certified personal trainer, online health and wellness coach and a full time college student. With over 1 million followers on her social media accounts, she has helped millions of men and women all over the world with motivation, technique and nutrition.

What is Brittne’s training style?
Brittne’s style is geared towards using your own body weight to build muscle (calisthenics). Her training is designed to be done at home, the gym, the beach, the park… ANYWHERE!!

Brittne incorporates free weights into her routines and resistance bands to intensify her workouts.

By using your body weight, you are also able to train at your own pace, build enormous strength and ultimately improving your quality of life.

Brittne began her training nearly 11 years ago as a track and field athlete. Her ability to run at fast speeds landed her an opportunity to run track in college.

During her first year of college, she started to blog her training and healthy meals on social media and it quickly inspired her followers all over the world. She began to offer free tips through email, before deciding to pursue personal training as a profession.

Training at home was something she was forced to do. With no car at the time, it was her only option. She began making routines that would help her build curves, strength and endurance.

Once Brittne became certified, she began to build programs that were geared towards building the body you want AT HOME for all levels of fitness. This quickly took off and the amazing feedback from her clients has been overwhelming.

Brittne is positive, motivating and determined to help as many people as she can live a healthy and fit lifestyle!



Feature: Chivon John

Chivon John

Chivon John is passionate about empowering individuals to take care of themselves so they can take care of business. After overcoming her own personal struggles including bouts of depression and anxiety, she founded ChivonJohn.com – a wellness brand devoted to helping women design a life of more happiness, health and hustle.

Chivon is a Wellness & Empowerment Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Speaker and Writer. She’s driven by the deep desire to inspire women and girls to invest in their physical and emotional well-being and take action on their dreams.

She’s appeared on Oprah’s Lifeclass with Karlyn Percil’s SisterTalk Group and her writing has been published in The Huffington Post, GORGO Women’s Fitness Magazine, Inspire Health Magazine and she is also a contributing author to the books Real Talk Real Women and The Courage to Fly.

Chivon teaches and motivates through her online program Self-Love Academy, speaking engagement and live events. In 2013, Chivon’s blog was a Runner up in Best Health Magazine’s Best Blog Awards and she was listed as one of the 10 most inspiring Happy Black Women to Follow in 2014 by the popular website Happyblackwoman.com.

Motivation to better ourselves personally, professionally and better our communities can seem like a daunting task. But Chivon John is a woman on the rise who has proven all three factors are achievable. It all starts with one simple step: the motivation to do more.