Feature: Brittne Babe

  Who is Brittne? Brittne Babe is a natural athlete, certified personal trainer, online health and wellness coach and a full time college student. With over 1 million followers on her social media accounts, she has helped millions of men and women all over the world with motivation, technique and nutrition. What is Brittne’s training… Continue reading Feature: Brittne Babe


FEATURE: Whitney Patterson and Alexandria Williams

An Expert to Essence and bloggers/vbloggers such as BeautifulBrownBabyDol, Fashionista and Black Girl Long Hair, Co-Founders Whitney Patterson and Alexandria Williams have been dubbed Hair and Fitness expert for “Today’s Active Black Women” as they host workout haircare workshops and speaking sessions for the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show, the Nzuri Natural Hair Festival, and… Continue reading FEATURE: Whitney Patterson and Alexandria Williams