Feature: Rakia A. Clark

Rakia is a freelance book editor in New York City. She works closely with aspiring writers to get their manuscripts and book proposals organized and into shape. She also consults with literary agencies that are seeking new writers. Since beginning her career in 2002, Rakia has worked with many national bestselling authors, including Bill Cosby;… Continue reading Feature: Rakia A. Clark


Feature: Tina McElroy Ansa

  Tina McElroy Ansa  is a novelist, publisher, filmmaker, teacher and journalist. But above all, she is a storyteller. She calls herself “part of a long and honored writing tradition, one of those little Southern girls who always knew she wanted to be a writer.”  She grew up in Middle Georgia in the 1950s hearing… Continue reading Feature: Tina McElroy Ansa


Feature: Asha Bandele

Asha Bandele is a poet, political activist, community organizer, editor, a novelist with an MFA…and, as she says, a statistic: a single black mother. In her powerful and lyrical book, Something Like Beautiful, she takes on the myths about single motherhood and tells it like it is, confessing the truths of her battle with depression and… Continue reading Feature: Asha Bandele